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Miss Nedellec, responsible for teaching of the CIFMD, the body responsible for reviews of safety adviser attended EASA leave in Bordeaux. She gave an interview to the “L’officiel des transporteurs” which here is the article.

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09 / 10 Mai 2016 : Meeting to Bordeaux

EASA held its spring meeting in Bordeaux (France) on 09 and 10 May 2016.

ANCS (National Association of safety advisers – France) has received delegations from 26 associations from 25 countries with the support of EVARISK companies GMJ Phoenix and Carbon Consulting & Training.

brief summary of debates :

Presentation of new members Norway Finland Greece (30 members) Catalonia / Spain (287 members) Presentation of the Association Greek: 300 CSTMD in Greece 30 in their association.

Italy: despite the reminders of Gaston Zens no association of CSTMD in the candidate countries to join the EASA.

Slovenia: no decision has been taken to join the EASA but it should be a story of weeks Joint meeting: some departmental officials have criticized Mr. Zens that he represented that associations and that within these associations members were not agree with these proposals (Germany, UK) analysis of the decisions accepted: in general, they reproach for not having assessed the cost of our proposals and the impact to safety. This is a first for the Joint Meeting.

1st proposal: ADR 1.3 by a CSTMD training: refused. Argument: it can be done by a competent person not necessarily CSTMD.

2nd proposal: extension of the CSTMD to shippers and third party: accepted in 2019 with a transitional period of 4 years. EASA shall prepare a document for the transition Chapter 1.6 transitional measures.

3rd proposal: accepted 4th proposal: a model accepted as an example and not mandatory.

Establishment of a model of progress report available on the website of the EASA.

Revision of the model report European 6th proposal: harmonize the review. Rejected, not enough supported 7th proposal: mandatory training. Refused, not enough substantiated 8th proposal: for micro enterprises, the CSTMD carrier would indeed its equivalenc


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the observer statute at the ECE-Joint meeting

  • The decision to get the observer statute at the ECE-Joint meeting can be seen on the OTIF website: under Dangerous goods Report from the session 21-25.3.2015 – Chapter 9-page 15.

ECE/TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/138 – (Secretariat) Report of the Joint Meeting of the RID Committee of Experts and the Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods on its spring 2015 session list of participants










Extraits : 

X. Questions diverses (point 9 de l’ordre du jour) A. Demande de statut consultatif – Document informel: INF.5 (EASA)

63. La Réunion commune a accepté d’accorder le statut consultatif à l’EASA……

EASA  Request : 

EASA Press Release 1 2014 English Language

EASA Press Release 1 2014 German Language final Version

EASA Request NGO

Luxembourg Meeting 29 – 30 september 2014

Wecker (Luxemburg), 01.10.2014

The European Association of dangerous goods Safety Advisers, “EASA”, held its general assembly on 29th and 30th of September 2014, in Grevenmacher (Luxemburg), and elected a new executive board.

The new president is Professor Dr Norbert Mueller from the German Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Association (GGVD), the vice president is the former president Jesus Pellejero from the Spanish/Galician Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Association (ACONSENA), and the general secretary is Gaston Zens from the Luxemburg Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Association (VGL).

VGL will shortly host the official headquarters of EASA.

19 Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Associations from 15 countries in Europe have joined EASA. They represent more than 3000 experts, working as internal or external Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers, whose aim is to increase safety and security on the transport of dangerous goods. EASA represents their interests at the European level. More information can be obtained using the link

The board member responsible for media contact is:

Gaston Zens, General Secretary of EASA, headquarters c/o VGL, Am Scheerleck 23, L-6868 Wecker, Luxembourg, phone 00352 26 71660,

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Meeting Bonn 17th and 18th February

Meeting DGSA Associations Bonn 17+18 Feb 2014 b

EASA held a meeting in Bonn this European meeting of associations of security adviser has several interesting to discuss about the safety advisers: Applicability and exemptions in different countries, methods of training and examinations safety advisers, forms of annual reports.

EASA has the desire to become a force of proposal and decided to work on these issues. Working groups were created for the procian congregations of Luxembourg to be held in September 2014.

The Bonn meeting was very constructive notice unanimous participants. Thank you to the German organizers for their very professional organization and excellent hospitality.

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