Meeting EASA To Bruges (Belgium)

By | April 30, 2018

Opening date 30 April of the EASA meeting in Bruges. Agenda: renewal of the bureau, acceptance of new members, report of the working groups.

Introduction by the president Norbert Müller: Welcome to the new members.


Presentation of the day by Carole Bailleul, BESAA, organizing association.

Presentation of the “Dangerous goods” “Transport Intralogistics Safety” fair in Leipzig: success of the edition of November 2017 and call for participation for April 2019 (9-11 april 2019).

Presentation of the Belgian association of the CSTMD and the Belgian regulations.

Back to the Member of EASA on lectures given by EASA of the Paris SITL (March 2018): Gaston Zens was questioned by François-Xavier carbon on the European legislation to a numerous and qualified assembly.

Presentation of new members : ACSTMD (France) and SFGS (Sweden).

Presentations of accounts / financial summary / Details of hospitality.

Report of working group :

WGI: Training 1.3: it was noted that training 1.3 of ADR were not enough framed. The expertise of the trainer is not defined. Must there be a DGSA ? A questionnaire has been developed by the WG I: this questionnaire is distributed and to go back to the WG. Each association advises. Concerns about the number of DGSA available. Very discussed topic and will be put to the vote, the functioning of EASA being democratic.


Resumed discussions on training :  the CSTMD and the trainer: skills common but all CSTMD are good trainers? Is CSTMD a regulatory prerequisite only? Should it training in pedagogy also?

Another topic: the Swiss association propose to change the status of the EASA to broaden its scope of work to all the chapters of the ADR regulations / RID and not only on Chapter 1.8. Indeed, the skills of the CSTMD are not confined to Chapter 1.8: he observes on the ground enforcement of all regulations and EASA may force proposal on all the subjects. Discussed topic as an observer at the joint meeting gave to this condition.

Gaston reminds discuss difficult who have completed associate member status…

He finished on the risk of being excluded from the joint meeting.

He finished on the risk of being excluded from the joint meeting. Reminder of the Inf 5. from 23 to 27 March 2015 point 63; The joint meeting agreed to grant consultative status to EASA on the undestanding that – this organisation will only be consulted on issues concerning safety advisers that come strictly within its scope of activities. 

A reflection on the evolution of the statutes of the EASA is entrusted to a working group.

Election to the general acclamation of the new office of the EASA: Maria Nicopulos Chair, the office is amended. 3_h_Press_Release

Proposal of DGSA of the Tcheque Républic to convince the Secretary of the United Nations to publish a comprehensive list of the pictograms with the exeat specifications (Pantone,…) in order to avoid the local interpretation. The proposal has not been unanimous, but an informal suggestion will be made in this sense by Gaston.

Report of the last joint meeting for Gaston Zens.

CSTMD obligation for operators of tank car: proposal rejected because evil formalized by the EASA: proposal abandoned after the Assembly vote.

Question is asked if the exchanges take place between CSTMD associations and the competent authorities before the Joint Meeting. A round table is done.

Interruption of the meeting and visit of Bruges / rainy evening.

Resumption of work 01 May 09: 00.

Presentation by Norbert Müller of the regulatory change for 2019.

Document online here : 4_e_Presentation Dangerous Goods 2019

Discussion on the units used to would it ask the competent authorities of clarifications on the units to be used? Discussion but a majority sees no problem in the current wording.

Presentation of an article published in the German press by Norbert.

Intervention by Mr. Hébert to present difficulty for national associations to have the opinion of the competent authority on contentious issues of regulation. The setting up of a competent authority that would respond to this type of question would be necessary.

Intervention of Martin, Association Belgians, to inform the CSTMD now the Belgium requires vehicles carrying hazardous materials to use motorways.

Maria ended the session. Next session 08 at 11 April 2019 in Leipzig (Germany)

The official picture of this meeting :