Spain Regulation

Class 1 : Spain is one of the most strict countries in Class 1. Security requirements are specially strong due to our tradition in terrorist groups. Trucks need a Security plan, private security with guns and sometimes police scort.

Main legislation : Real Decreto 230/1998, de 16 de febrero, por el Que se aprueba el Reglamento de Explosivos (explosifs règlement 230/1998)

Waste : Before to do a transport of dangerous goods waste, haulier must be registered as dangerous waste haulier. It is mandatory to notice the journey to Administration 10 days before.

Fire extinguishers : Spanish law is more strict that ADR for all kind of lorries.

Hoses : There are not rules about hoses

Unloading operations : In Spain we have a new regulation starting this year, Real Decreto 97/2014 por el Que se regulan las Operaciones de transporte de mercancías peligrosas  por carretera en territorio español. Artículo 44 Procedimiento de carga y descarga.