Irland regulation

Class 1 Explosives
The Department of Justice is the competent authority for Class 1 and they are also regulated under the Explosives Act 1875 and associated Explosives Regulations. Explosives are strictly controlled and a person may not import, store or manufacture explosives without a licence. Transport and sale of explosives is also controlled by regulations. A guide to the regulations is attached and more information may be found at under safety and security.

Class 7
The Environmental Protection Agency – Office of Radiological Protection, formerly the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland is the competent authority. The primary legislation is the Radiological Protection Act, 1991 (Number 9 of 1991). Similar to explosives every business or organisation which is involved, or may become involved, in storing, using, transporting, or disposing of radioactive materials, irradiation apparatus or other sources of ionising radiation, must apply to the EPA Office of Radiological Protection (EPA-ORP) for a licence. See for further information.

Waste is regulated primarily by the Environmental Protection Agency under the authority of the Waste Management Act 1996. Again this requires licenses/permits for operators to collect, hold, transport and dispose of waste. Movement of hazardous waste with the country must be accompanied by a waste transfer form which must be applied for on line from Dublin City Council TFS Office. See… The office also control the issuing of TFS (Trans Frontier Shipment) forms for international shipments of hazardous waste.