Swiss Regulation

Basic national regulation

Swiss national regulations for the transport of dangerous goods (SDR):

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  • Specials to mention

Annex 1, of national regulation:
Related to exemption a) ADR for private person, which is in Switzerland more restrictiv than the ADR. It has to be according to chart A in Annex 1, of national regulation which is similar to ADR but with a maximum sum of 300.

Annex 1, extension of part 6 in national regulation:
National definition and regulation for construction of construction site tanks (such tanks ar not allowed to transport in any other ADR state).

Annex 2, 1.9.5 of national regulation:
Restricted tunnels and their categories (if restricted allways „E“).

Annex 2, 1.9.6 of national regulation:
Roads which have been restricted for dangerous goods which meet the criterias of ADR (environmentally hazardous substances).

Annex 3 of national regulation:
List of dangerous goods with special requirements for transportation.